mother of litter D2 Fairysavage Jasmin of Maisonleopard

Available  kittens:

1 brown girl and 1 brown boy from litter C2, born 10.03.2021 (1200€) Parents Chizpride Juxie  and Charme Sauvage  Zachary (RUS)

4 brown boys from litter D2 , born 19.03.2021 (1300-1500€) Parents Fairysvage Jasmin of Maisonleopard and Corsicana Carlito

2 brown girls and 1 brown boy from  litter E2 (1400-1500€) Parents Siamparagon Sofia of Maisonleopard and Favoritbengals Kenzo 


Diego, boy, 6 weeks old

Desiree, girl , 6 weeks old

Dingo, boy, 6 weeks old

Demy, girl, 6 weeks old

Dingo, boy, 5 weeks old

Desiree, girl 5 weeks old